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Shri Krishna Pooja by Children

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Limited space. Register your child now.


Little cute naughty beautiful Krishna
I wish, I play all day with Krishna
Courage, justice, dedication in stories of Krishna
Bases of our roots, identity is Krishna,
How do I pray, so I can call Krishna
Little cute naughty beautiful Krishna

Program Details

  • Sunday, August 24, 2013
  • 10:00 am to 10:25 pm:Registration
  • 10:00 am to 10:30 pm:Seating Arrangements
  • 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm:Krishna pooja by children

Register your kids today.



Who can participate?

Children of all ages are welcome. Children who are less than 3 years must be accompanied by parents.

Pooja Material (Samagri)

Your registration includes the following pooja samagri:

  • Krishna Pratima/photo
  • Haldi
  • Kumkum
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Flower
  • Fruit


Bellevue College
3000 Landerholm Cir SE, Bellevue, WA 98007

Registration Fee

$10.00 per child.

How many children are allowed per family

As long as we have space available, there is no limit for registration from each family.

How do we conduct Krishna Pooja Program?

Pooja is done as a form of Bhakti Yoga, which means “devotion.” Pooja can be done at home daily and also as an elaborate ceremony. There are as many as twenty-seven separate steps for formal pooja ceremonies that include offering water to symbolically bathe the honored deity, offerings of sweets and fruits, and a light ritual called Abhishekam wherein water is poured from one small vessel on the head of the deity's idol. A very simplified and informal version can be done with sincerity that will convey our devotion and respect for this ritual and invite the blessings and guidance for which it is designed.

Devakī paramānandaṃ kṛiṣṇam vande jagadgurum

Your children will learn how to do Krishna Pooja by themselves in a fun way. As they see other children performing the pooja, they get motivated to follow them. The pooja contains the following 27 steps:

  1. Dhyaanam Samarpayami (Think or meditate on the Lord)
  2. Aawaahanam Samarpayami (Offer invitation to the Lord)
  3. Aasanam Samarpayami (Offer a seat to the Lord)
  4. Paadyam Samarpayami (Offer water to wash the feet of the Lord)
  5. Arghyam Samarpayami (Offer water to wash the hands of the Lord)
  6. Aachamaneeyam Samarpayami (Offer water to drink)
  7. Snaanam Samarpayami (Give bath to the Lord)
  8. Maha Abhishekam Samarpayami (Give main head bath to the Lord)
  9. Pratishtaapayaami ( Seat the Lord on the aasana)
  10. Vasthram Samarpayami (Offer clothes to the Lord)
  11. Yajnopaveetham Samarpayami (Offer the Holy Thread to the Lord)
  12. Gandham Samarpayami (Offer sandalwood paste/powder to the Lord)
  13. Akshatham Samarpayami (Offer Akshatha/ Rice to the Lord)
  14. Pushpam Samarpayami (Offer Flowers to the Lord)
  15. Ashthothtra Poojam Samarpayami (Offer 108 holy names of the Lord)
  16. Dhoopam Aaghraapayaami (Offer Fragrance / Agarbatti to the Lord)
  17. Deepam Darshayaami (Offer light to the lord)
  18. Neivedyam Samarpayami (Offer Food to the Lord)
  19. Phalam Samarpayami (Offer Fruits to the Lord)
  20. Taamboolam Samarpayami (Offer betel nut and leaves to the Lord)
  21. Dakshinam Samarpayami (Offer money to the Lord)
  22. Maha Nirajanam Samarpayami (Offer aarati to the Lord)
  23. Pradakshinam Samarpayami (Offer circumambulation to the Lord)
  24. Namaskaram Samarpayami (Offer Prostrations to the Lord)
  25. Mantra Pushpam Samarpayami (Offer incantations and flowers to the Lord)
  26. Praarthanaam Samarpayami (Offer prayers, request your desires to the Lord)
  27. Kshamaapanam Samarpayami (Offer apologies to the Lord & ask for forgiveness)


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