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Karma Yoga




Dr. Bidyut Bose, PhD, is the Founder and Executive Director of Niroga Institute (, a nonprofit that serves thousands of children, youth and adults annually all over the Bay Area, bringing yoga into inner-city schools and alternative schools, juvenile halls and jails, rehab centers and cancer hospitals. In addition to direct service, Niroga conducts trainings nationally for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, educators and mental health professionals, social workers and criminal justice professionals. Having learned yoga and meditation since he was a child, and trained as a computer scientist, Bidyut’s current research interests include strategies for positive child and youth development, and the development of cost-effective architectures for lasting social transformation.

Karma Yoga, Personal Transformation and Social Change

What is the essence of Karma Yoga? Why does its practice transform us? And how does a personal transformative practice become a powerful agent of social change? We are going to explore these questions and more in this presentation. Reflecting on the life and work of Swami Vivekananda and relating it to our own lives here and now, we will find out how each one of us can come alive through Karma Yoga, and how it can profoundly impact everything we do.



Dr. Raghuram

Yogashree N.V.Raghuram is the Chairman and Spiritual Founder of Yoga Bharati;  Presindent of Hindu University of America and Professor of Yoga Philosophy in Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (SVYASA)  (, Bangalore India. He is also one of the founder members of SVYASA.

He is instrumental in introducing successfully yoga therapy in a neurological clinic in Germany and starting yoga therapy training and practice in front line hospitals in Italy and a center each in Istanbul Turkey and China. He has traveled to several countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and conducted Yoga therapeutic and corrective courses (for ailments such as bronchitis, asthma, back ache, eating disorders, sleep disorders etc) and hundreds of stress reduction programs based on yoga in several countries across globe.

He also guides and assists Ph.D. students in their intensive research on yoga related subjects. He has specialized yoga philosophy based counseling.

What is Karma-yoga?

The talk will cover the philosophical foundation of Karma and Karmayoga.



Dr. Sailesh Rao is the Executive Director of Climate Healers, a US 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. An Electrical Engineer by training with a Ph.D., from Stanford University in Stanford, CA, Sailesh switched careers and became deeply immersed in the various environmental crises facing humanity after some life changing events and after he watched Vice President Al Gore’s slide show on TV. He is the author of the 2011 book, "Carbon Dharma: The Occupation of Butterflies" and the forthcoming book, "Carbon Karma: The Occupation of Bees".

Climate Karma

Healing the climate requires healing the divisions within human beings and between humans and the natural world. The four major pathways of Yoga are in tune with the four major personality types of human beings to promote this healing. In this talk, stories from ancient and modern India will be used to illuminate these pathways.


Dr. Bikul Das

Research Scientist and Principal Investigator of Gates Foundation project at Stanford University. He is working in the area of “ Regenerating indigenous knowledge system through global research collaborations; Ongoing research collaborations of Stanford and RIWATCH”. RIWATCH is an ICCS project in a 25 acre campus in remote part of Arunachal Pradesh to promote many initiatives including indigenous herbal medicine, encouraging & empowering self help groups and academic research in ancient traditions of the world.

International Center for Cultural Studies


Dr. Sunil S Kulkarni

Aside from technical interests Dr. Sunil Kulkarni volunteers actively in HSS Balagokulam and Sewa USA programs in Bay area. He is also International Coordinator of the Balagokulam Magazine.

He is Chief Software Engineer at Zeitera LLC which is a leading company in the media fingerprinting and search. He obtained his PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering and MS in computational finance from Purdue University.

Sewa USA

Sewa International is a non-prfit organization with global presence. With chapters in 18 countries and with 38 chapters in USA it is one of largest Sewa organization based on Hindu principles.

Sewa International focuses on various projects that have measurable impact on the communities in need.

Sewa International is a non-discriminatory and non-sectarian organization.

Shri. Murali Krishnamurthy

Sankara Eye Foundation

Shri. Anil Verma

General secretary for Burmese Democratic Association. He lives in Oakland,CA with family and works closely with Burmese families in Bay Area. He is actively involved in helping Burmese, Bhutanese and Srilankan families in Oakland,CA.


Nithyavathy Sundaresh

Annpoorna,  Bay Area

Annapporna is a group of individuals and organizations which come together on a regular basis to prepare and distribute food through local soup kitchens, food pantries.

Madhulika Singh

PreetiRang Sanctuary

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh

- Karma Yoga Games

-  Poster presentation on Karmayogis

- Blood Donation

- Bone Marrow Drive

- "Karma-Yoga Index" Karma based review your day-to-day decisions



Location - Hospitality Management - HM 104 A


12 to 5 PM @ Parking Lot B - Blood Donation and Bone Marrow Registration.

12 to 4 PM @ outside HM 104 A - Poster presentation on Karma-yogis and Fun games on KarmaYoga.


Karmayoga - Track Sponsor - (  314e Corporation is a full service Health Care Information Technology firm. 314e committed to improving the operational performance of Health Care clients by offering them world-class technology at competitive rates. They provide a spectrum of IT services to the entire Health Care Value Chain from Producers, Purchasers, Providers to Payers.





Deep Prajwalan by Track Sponsor - 314e Corporation

Opening Ceremony - Shloka recitation by Children of  SamskritBharati


Karma Yoga, Personal Transformation and Social Change by Dr. Bidyut Bose, founder & president of Niroga Institute (


Social Change through Karma Yoga - Organizational presentations and panel discussion on Karma Yoga and social change

Participating organizations - (Sankara Eye Foundation (, Niroga Institute (, Annapoorna of Bay Area (, Sewa USA (, International Center for Cultural Studies (, and PreetiRang Sanctary  (


What is Karma-yoga? Philosophical Foundation of Karma Yoga by Shri. Raghuram ji from SVYASA foundation (


Karmayoga matters! - A fun-filled skit with a serious message based on principals of Karma Yoga by HSS Sunnyvale Chapter)


"Karma-Yoga Index" - Karma based review your day-to-day decisions


Carbon Karma by Dr. Sailesh Rao (


Karmayoga matters! - A fun-filled skit with a serious message based on principals of Karma Yoga by HSS Sunnyvale Chapter)


Vote of thanks by HSS (