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Art of Living



Kirtan Singers: Damodar Dasa











Yoga Master: Tao Porchon-Lynch










Damodar Dasa (Dennis Winge) will also be performing Kirtan.














Laughing Diva:


Video of Laughing Diva

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea – simple and profound. An exercise routine with many variations, it is sweeping the world and is a complete wellbeing workout. There is much laughing–but without jokes, comedy or humor. It’s a holistic way to deal with our stresses, our grief, our anxieties and fears.


Laughter Yoga exercises mind, body and spirit. Dive into whichever dimension is most accessible or compelling for you. Just bring your body and the mind will follow. You can always “fake it until you make it” if you need to.


Dr. Graham Schweig


Dr. Graham Schweig

Graham M. Schweig is an author, scholar, and yogi who teaches about the universal language of the heart. Graham claims that the most painful form of impoverishment in this world is hunger of the heart, found everywhere in both afluent and poor societies. Every religious and spiritual tradition, if probed deeply, Graham believes, reveals secrets of divine love that can offer the world nourishment for the heart. Graham has devoted his personal and professional life to sharing with others his discoveries of these divine gifts for humanity. 



Dr. Graham M. Schweig, who received his doctorate degree from Harvard University, is a scholar of Comparative Religion whose specialization is the philosophy of yoga and the spiritual traditions of India. He is a specialist in love mysticism, concentrating on religions of the heart, especially the Bhakti Yoga traditions of India. Graham's ultimate interest is to find religious truths from within Indic traditions that contribute powerful symbols that speak beyond their religious boundaries, moving religion toward world peace. He is a long-time practitioner of meditational and devotional yoga under the guidance of traditional teachers since 1967.


Dr Schweig 's will give the keynote speech on "Oneness of Existence - Unity in Diversity".


Like Swami Vivekananda

Inspiring Short film by the Youth on Swami Vivekananda