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Rangoli Competition

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Grand Success!!!.

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Welcome to Rangoli Competition Registration

Please go through the Rules and Regulations. At the end, You will find link to Rangoli Competition Entry Form.

Rules and Regulations:

1) Rangoli art should not exceed the foam board size of 3 ft x 4 ft
2) Lead participant in an entry should be at least 12 year old or above. All others participants in the group need to be 8 year old or above.
3) A group may have no more than three participants.
4) Rangoli competition duration is from 11AM to 3PM. Your Rangoli art should be completed by 3pm, ready for judging. Please stop working on your art at 3pm.
5) Please bear in mind that your Rangoli art should not offend the viewers and is presentable to viewers of all ages.
6) Participants need to bring all the required materials for their Rangoli.
7) Registration fees per Entry is $10. This fee will be collected at the venue
8) Rangoli should be prepared from scratch on the foam boards provided. No part of the Rangoli can be pre-made before arriving to the competition.
9) Viewers votes and judges opinion combined will determine the winners.
10) Top 3 winners will be announced at a brief prize distribution ceremony at 5pm. Participants are required to be present at this ceremony.
11) Multiple entries by one person are not allowed.
12) Lead participant is responsible for all Communication with the group. Organizers will only communicate with Lead participant.
13) In case of any additions in the rules and regulations or any changes, Organizers will contact the lead participants either by email or contact number.
If you have any questions or queries about the competition, please Contact-us by Clicking HERE.

Judging Criteria:

Judging will be based on the following Criteria
1) Overall Appearance and appeal
2) Design/Theme
3) Details and Clarity in Rangoli art
4) Color combination
5) Creativity, New ideas.


All participants will receive a token prize
Altogether 4 prizes will be awarded
  • 3 winners - 1st place, 1st Runner up and 2nd Runner up
  • 1 Viewers choice Winner - Topper in the Viewer's Choice category


Please Click on Below Link to Accept all Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions of the Rangoli Competition and continue to Registration

Rangoli Registration


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