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Dharma and Yoga Fest


The Dharma and Yoga Fest will be held at various cities across USA. We are inviting all Dharma-centered groups to participate in the event.

Dharma and Yoga Fest event will commemorate Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary in 2013 by celebrating his vision of “Universal Peace Through Dharma and Yoga.”

The Dharma and Yoga Fest will include a variety of activities, such as  Haṭha Yoga demonstration, a seminar on Dharma and Yoga, Kirtan, Bhajan, Satsang, and crafts and games for children. The event will endeavor to create a sense of harmony, mutual respect, and spiritual oneness.

Swamiji’s uniquely advanced Dharma in the modern era. The ideas introduced by him to America, such as Yoga, Karma, and the spiritual oneness of humanity, continue to have a growing appeal. This has also led to the popularity of practices such as Haṭha Yoga, Āyurveda, and meditation. The Dhārmika concept of the plurality of spiritual paths invoked by Swami ji in his Chicago Address finds continuing relevance even today in resolving religious conflict.

The Dharma and Yoga Fest forms the finale of our year-long commemoration of Swamiji in 2013. Other events have included a nationwide “Yoga Day” coinciding with Swamiji’s birthday on January 12; a nationwide DharmaBee™ quiz contest for children; programs for high school and college students, such as a traveling exhibit on Swami ji’s life visiting major university campuses and “Vacation with Vivekananda” excursions to locations where Swamiji visited during his travels in the United States; and local social service projects by children and adults alike.